An Overview of the Best Dog Proof Trash Cans / 2017 Guide


Some pooches have a bad habit of getting into trash cans in order to access the contents. This habit has two major problems. The first one is the danger for the dog of getting hurt by sharp objects in your garbage basket.

The second problem is always obtaining a mess after the dog visits it. Both of them are equally unpleasant, and you have two options here – keep away the dog out of trash basket and simply get the can away so the dog cannot directly access it. An ideal solution to this problem can be dog proof trash can, but let’s take a look at the step you can do if your dog likes to get into the garbage.

The first thing you can do is to try to keep your dog out of trash can. This approach can take some time depending on how you can control when the dog gets to the basket, your patience, and the dog itself. The easiest thing you can do is to empty the can frequently. Empty can with no smells is not of interest for a dog. Also leaving the trash can regularly prevent the appearing of insects.

Training Your Dog – Keeping Your Pet Under Control

Now you can start to train your dog. When the dog tries to reach the can grab a spray bottle and spray the dog shouting NO loudly. Try to do it every time the dog comes to garbage. Do this at least several times. Some dogs have adamant habits, so it can be very tough to break it.

If your attempts on this will not succeed, then try to get a bitter apple spray and spray it on the trash contents. Dogs don’t like sharp smells; a bitter apple spray is a good example of a liquid that has it. The other option is black pepper which you can also sprinkle on your garbage basket.

If your dog is one of these that have adamant habits including this, you can take the basket from the dog’s access zone. This is an easy solution, but it will add more discomfort to your life. Moving the can from the usual place to hard accessible one is an issue, but if you are ready to sacrifice the convenience, then this is a good way for you to keep the dog out of trash. You can store the basket in the house in hard accessible for the dog places. Also, you can hide it in the garage, but this is even more inconvenient that hiding the can somewhere in the home.

Heavier Trash Cans for Dogs


If all options mentioned above are not for you, then purchase a heavier trash can also be a dog proof trash can to make it more difficult for your dog to turn it over. The good idea is to purchase a stainless steel trash can. Some cans have an opening system activated by pressing a pedal on the bottom.

Another way to keep your trash can is to fix the can somewhere on the wall or cabinet so the dog cannot turn it upside down. It is a good way to prevent trash getting out of a garbage can, but if you have sharp stuff in your can, this can be a danger for your dog.

Heavy Duty Trash Cans – Strong Cans to Prevent Mess

The solution that combines the advantages of all of these options is dog proof trash can. This is a heavy trash can with a pedal at the bottom that opens up the cover. The advantages of dog proof trash can are that it is heavy so the dog cannot turn it over; Therefore you will not get a mess every time the dog comes in the can, it is quite high for preventing the dog getting into the garbage. Dog proof trash can is an ideal option if you have a dog that likes to get into the trash.


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