What is the Best Hamster Cage?


So you’re looking for a new hamster cage? And you’re confused as to what sort you want. Well, given the choice and variety, and the shapes and the sizes available in the world today, one really wouldn’t blame you! Regardless of that debate, a number of tips would help you decide upon the best possible cage for your little friend.

Although the market offers you a variety of hamster habitats to choose from, a large hamster cage is ideal. A hamster
requires an ample space to inhabit, as little space could result in deferred growth or incomplete behavioral
growth. And you have got to agree that a retarded hamster could be a bit too demanding for a pet. Plastic and wire cages are available in many sizes, along with interconnected tubes and other burrow-like renditions. It is also possible and significantly economical for you to try your hand at making a hamster cage. This can be done with easily available materials and items.

It is also important to have a cage that is properly ventilated. The heat can cause strokes to the rodents. However, ventilation provisions should not be at the expense of losing your hamster. In other words, ventilation outlets should be narrow or way smaller than what a hamster could fit into. Reason being, hamsters, are incredibly smart when it comes to finding means of escape. This is one of the reasons why wire and wire cages are preferred over plastic ones.

Crittertrail Critter Home is a highly suitable cage for a hamster. It comes with a food and water dish, along with a napping nest and excellent quality, non-squeaky exercise wheel. Being nocturnal animals, this indeed is a blessing. A squeaky exercise wheel could be most disturbing and would cost you hours of beauty sleep.

Super Pet CritterTrail One is another top selling hamster cage. While this also comes with a food and water bowl, it is a tube that allows the hamster room to the nesting roof.

There are a few steps that one ought to keep in mind while buying a hamster cage. Bars should not be far apart for reasons mentioned afore. It is also advisable to have a cage without a wire bottom as this highly uncomfortable for the hamster. Wooden cages are a silly idea as your dear old hamster will only chew it up!

Cages with tubes and burrow-like provisions should be checked thoroughly for the reason that you would hate to have your hamster stuck in one of them. Space is as much an issue as it is with other species (namely dogs); be sure that your little rodent has sufficient space to move around. These should be facilitated with feeding bowls and water bowls and of course, an exercise wheel. Also, it is least advisable t provide your hamster with a round cage. The poor thing will most definitely be most uncomfortable and disoriented.

The most important things you need to remember are space and cage material. Once these are taken care of, your little bundle of entertainment will lead a happy and comfortable life.

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